My school

In the last month, my school has experience four fist fights. All eight kids got suspended. Just another form of physical bullying. I sit on the bus and kids curse at each other like there is no tomorrow. I’m sick of it. People want attention, and the reach for it the wrong way. They think oh, I tried being nice but no one cared, I guess I will just have to get back at them. But all of this is wrong. You have thought at least once that no one cared, when they actually did. All you have to do is something small like tell someone you like their shirt. That phrase can make someone having a bad day, have a great day. Now they feel confident in their outfit. They won’t try to hide, or be embarrassed. Maybe you think I’m exaggerating but it’s true.

Just compliment someone and that could solve a lifetime of problems.


Today it stops

I have seen way to many kids get bullied. I try to stand up, but it’s hard. You don’t know what could happen. People could love you, or hate you. Bring you up, or put you down. These things are things people think about before they stand up, or walk away. I love those few people in the world that still care to stand up. Those few people are changing the world little by little, more and more with every person. I am guilty of walking away, but I am guilty of fighting back. Standing up for people young and old.

I know what it feels like to get bullied. It makes you feel like a piece of crap. You feel like you can’t do anything. I decided right then and there. It’s over. I am taking a stand. I have tried my hardest to stop this wether in my school, or my community. But one person can’t do it all.

I encourage you TODAY to take a stand. Let people know you care. YOU can change the world as we know it. Take it from a student. The world is a wreck, we can change that today.

What will they think of me?

You know that boy you made fun of? He just talked his friend out of suicide. Or, what about that young girl you called fat? She’s starving herself.

These are only a few of the things that are going on in our world, our neighborhoods. How could something so wrong happen so often? You might ask yourself these questions, but do you go into detail? Do you really think? Or, do you just speak.

I bet in your life someone has told you bullying is wrong. But, if people really meant what the said, that boy would still be alive with his family. That young girl, would love herself just the way she is. Bullying is wrong. It’s terrible. Also, it’s a punch in the gut.

Heres a story… There’s this one kid named Jacob. He lives down the road a little ways. His family does not have a lot of money and works very hard. Jacob has never had anything new, but you feel bad so you hang out with him anyway. One day he shows up to the bus stop with these brand new Nikes. He is so happy, he is just smiling. When the bus comes you and Jacob go sit in your regular seat. When these three boys show up. They start teasing Jacob about how happy he is when really, they are jealous. Jealous because they can’t be so happy. So later that day you go outside for recess. Jacob is running around in his new Nikes, and almost runs into some mud. He dogged it but still falls in. Why? Because, those three BULLYS pushed him in. That’s why. Now, they could have helped him up and said sorry. Nope. That’s not what they did. They went way to far. They stole Jacobs shoes then pressed them deeper and deeper into the mud. Now you walk over there and are about to help Jacob. But, you stop. As soon as you were going to reach out a hand, you stop. Why? Because you don’t want to be made fun of. Here’s the question the question you have asked before: What will they think of me? This question asked millions upon billions of times a day. What will they think of me? So simple, yet so complex.

This is a true story with different names. I don’t know if you learned anything but remember these three things: •DO NOT be a bystander. EVER. •Be yourself never, ever care about what others think about you! •And know, YOU can change the world entirely.